Yoga classes
with a difference

Located in Chester, EmYasa Yoga classes offer the benefit of movement and breath through Yoga postures, all provided in a restorative environment. With modern life meaning spare time is precious, it’s important to get the most out of our chosen activities. That’s why EmYasa classes pay attention to the little details meaning you walk out of classes feeling refreshed, calm and fulfilled.

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Yoga classes
at your own pace

EmYasa Yoga offers total time out for you where you can work at your own pace with your body. Want to crank up the postures? Great. Feel like lying on your mat for an hour? More than fine. EmYasa Yoga classes are about you as an individual, providing an inclusive approach to all abilities. Yoga is not just for the Instagram super bendy!

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Yoga classes
for mind and body

EmYasa Yoga brings you a sense of lightness, ease and relaxation through mind and body connection. As if that wasn’t enough, yoga provides physical benefits of lower blood pressure, increased muscle strength and tone along with increased bone density. Stress and anxiety are also greatly reduced on and off the mat after classes.

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